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Risk Management and Fraud Protection

Employing highly trained, risk management professionals, EC Suite works diligently to identify, assess and prioritize risk levels for all of our merchants. Our risk managers work daily to monitor your account, helping to minimize and control the likelihood of accepting a fraudulent transaction.

With several risk factors associated with accepting online payments, aspects like chargebacks, disputes from customers, stolen credit cards, not-as-described items, and customer complaints are sure to pop up now and again.

A Card-Not-Present (CNP) transaction offers minimal security in case a card comes up as stolen. Therefore, Mail order/Telephone order (MO/TO) and e-commerce processors who decide to process transactions in CNP environments should understand that there is a greater need of security against fraud exposure.

EC Suite protects you from these frustrating situations and walks you through the process hand-in-hand to make it a much more user friendly experience.

Vscrub, our own proprietary transaction scrubbing system, is another tool that EC Suite uses for fraud protection. This is a customizable threshold based system in which every transaction receives a score based upon a number of tests that are performed for each transaction. If a score fall bellows a predetermined threshold, it is declined. If the score is above the threshold, the transaction will be approved.

A few key fraud protection features that EC Suite may utilize based upon the type of merchant account being monitored include:
  • Address Verification System (AVS) matching
  • Card Verification Value (CVV/CVV2) matching
  • Ability to allow or prevent multiple transactions per card
  • Proxy blocking
  • Velocity checks- prevent accidental duplicate transactions
  • EC Suite maintained negative database check (blacklisted consumer data that has been associated with fraudulent activity and/or chargebacks)
  • Ability to block processing from specified countries or states

Tips for Business Owners:

By learning and understanding how to prevent fraudulent transactions, you can stay one step ahead of credit card fraud and its potential negative consequences to your business. Below is a list of important tips to keep in mind when preventing credit card fraud.

Be aware of a customer who:
  • Makes an unusual number of large purchases within a short time period (e.g., 1-4 days)
  • Has suspicious or fake email domains or usernames
    • • Example:,,
  • Makes multiple purchases of individual items
  • Is of the opposite gender from what your product is marketed towards
    • • Example: If your business sells makeup and nail care products it would be suspicious to see a male making several purchases
  • Signs up for a membership but does not enter the member's area
  • Tries several times to make a purchase after being declined

As always, there are always exceptions to the rules, but the above simple tips can be used as a guideline for fraud prevention.

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